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Tuesday, 6 July 2010



I won't lie to you. I suffer greatly from this beast of an illness. And sometimes, just sometimes, I do get why some men do the whole "OH MY GOD IS IT THAT TIME OF THE MONTH?" thing.

Sometimes when I'm being irrational it's not even that time of month, I'm just being a dick. I'll admit to it.

But my god, when that time of month rolls around, what is wrong with me? The worst thing is I know I'm overreacting to tripping on the bathroom scales that were left out or someone claiming to have eaten a cake I made for my friends who couldn't make it over to eat it.

No seriously. You don't think I can spazz out over a cake? I can. IT WASN'T EVEN FREAKIN' FINISHED.

I'm telling you maaaaaaaaaan. It's like an out of body experience, I know I'm being a complete PRICK but I just can't stop myself....