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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Fall Out Girl.

I hate being in uni at the moment. I hate being around actual cretins. There's seems to be no sense of right and wrong in this place. And lies circulate more than fresher's flu germs. 

I have been shunned by the people that I maybe wasn't really really close to but still. 

When you stop talking to someone you think at least your friends will be there for you but this isn't true. It's pretty much like a messy divorce. You think seeing your kids once a week will make up for not being with them all the time but they just grow weary of you. I have become the equivalent of  Kirk Van Houten. No one cares about him. He only ever gets pity invitations and even then if his ex wife is there then he's the pathetic loser who offers to leave instead of her. 

He's right to do so even if I call him a pathetic loser. He still is one. But he's smarter than me which makes me a stupid pathetic loser. He leaves and doesn't have to be in that uncomfortable bubble of being in the same space as Luann. By the by, I am fully aware that I watch too much TV, so yeah.

But anyway. God was truly shitting on me yesterday when all these nightmares seem to collide in the same bastard place. And they are forming alliances, as much as this sounds crazy I do believe it to be true. If there's any light this diwali please do let it shine on the bitches who lie to each other, pretend to be each other's friends and suck innocent bystanders into their swirling vortex of dumb fuckery.