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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

What is it about (wo)men?

Some of the disgusting - and yeah I will use that word because frankly that's what it is - things I've seen th female species do in the last few weeks. Damn.

Cheating. Bitching. Lying. Manipulating. Shit stirring. Stealing.

And it's always the emotional crimes. Just pure headache.

Some girls just cannot HELP being bitchy. I believe this is a technique employed by such women to identify others of similar levels of self esteem so they can just stick together just some kinda morbid blood clot, waiting to cause some kind of horrific damage when they embed themselves in some poor unsuspecting functioning group.

And it's the things they are bitchy about that both horrify and I've gotta admit impress me. They'll find ANYTHING. I mean ANYTHING.

"She's wearing the same belt as me"
If your's isn't a bespoke one of a kind design then shut up. Ah bah bah. But nothing. I get that you're insecure about your looks. But if you are so willing to tell everyone your standard beg-for-a-compliment line "Nah babe. I'm ugly." then how very dare you put another woman down because she happens to shop at the same shop as you. LIKE THOUSANDS OF OTHER WOMEN. I'm not gonna lie. This is one of the ones that pisses me off the most.

And that beg thing. SUCH A BEG. The ghetto term for it sums is up so well. You get them. And they do my head in. The more you go on about how pathetic your life is doesn't make me more sympathetic. It just makes me think you're really pathetic. And why do people think this is their lives forever. They seem to forget
a) nothing is forever
b) you're not a teenager anymore, stop with the angst already. GROW UP.

The girls who call themselves ugly are truly the ugliest as they are the most desperate.

Another classic. "Well the reason i hate THAT bitch is because 7 years ago she gave me a dirty look. About your contact lens was dry. KMT"
Never letting things go is something that I feel strongly. As stubborn as I am I am capable of cooling down and then working things out. But I can't if people just keep hating me for something I may have said or a mistake that I've made. Yeah well done you've made me look like a dickhead for now. Big whoop. But these twats fail to remember the times I've been there for them. I don't. And I hate them for being so flippant about it. It's easy to call me a bitch or to bitch about me and be horrible. But you've lost me. And I'm FUCKING AWESOME.

And on that note I shall cease my ranting. God knows I could go on.

This has been therapeutic. Thanks for reading.

And by the way any Internet trolls looking to leave a nasty comment for cheap thrill.. I suggest you go find your mother. Can't get much cheaper.

I can't guarantee any sort of thrill though.