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Tuesday, 14 September 2010


My mother thinks I need to cut down on my spending. Why? Despite me seriously honestly not shopping for ANYTHING for myself in the past month - apart from tights, which are a neccesity - my mum refuses to believe me when I say "Oh this? I got this ages ago..."

Now I admit. Most of the time that's a blatant lie. BUT. This time I was telling the truth. My mother seems to have had enough. And this means taking drastic actions. In the form of taking away both my debit cards.

Shocked? I was a little at first. But I know how to work the system. Despite this I'm still not sure how to deal with her irrational behaviour. Because even though I'm a smart motherflipper... I'm still a short tempered one.

And I've decided to fight fire with fire. This week I'm only wearing stuff that I've brought and not worn yet. Even if i do pass out in this one dress that LITERALLY takes my breath away.

The things I'll do to prove a point.

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