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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

We were in the butter aisle.

So today has been one of those days.

At first I saw it as one of the worst days ever. But turned out okay you know.

Just stupid things. But I think I've learnt to just take a minute out and reflect on situations.

Like when I went into this lab, and I have no one to pair up with. For about 3 whole minutes I burnt with embarrassment. I revert back being to 6 years old, but to be honest it's the question you ask yourself an embarrasingly stupid amount of times.


Oh they were excruciating. I moved my things. I felt pity resonate from the girls on the bench by mine. Pity is all they have to offer. Do I take it? Yeah a little. But I feel an immediate pang of guilt. I say to myself, "Man-up damn it! It's a titration. It's not gonna kill you to do it alone."

It didn't. In fact there was a student who turned up late. But it did make me realise. After that first three painful minutes, I realised I could do it.

The night previous to this. I'd had the mother of all strops. I made noodles. And listened to my favourite Amy Winehouse songs. Over. And over. And over.

Sometimes I think I enjoy floundering a little. Not the actual floundering. But somehow plodding through. The plodding through amuses me IMMENSELY.

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