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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

What a bumder of a week.

Yes. I did just use that word. (This is dated from the 5th of April but clearly I haven't posted for some reason. A likely one being that I suck.)

Last week was simply one of those weeks that make you think WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THAT...?

I got asked if I'm pregnant
- and the week before that I had someone suggest to me that I need a gastric band...

I got mugged. My phone got stolen. Like right out of my hand. Just snatched. "Like taking candy from a baby..." not really I chased that little turd. Alas I did not catch him - which is probably fortunate for both of us as I would have torn him up. Seriously. Being the only girl in your family teaches you how to fight. Although I am yet to put my mad skills into use I am sure that they are indeed sufficient to kick ass. Or at least kick shins. REAL HARD.

I had the police giving me all this shit about insurance fraud... Tell me how I'm getting anything out of this claim when I have to pay a £50 excess. I was not impressed. A lot of people have negative things to say about the police. It's sad but true. And sadder still that it's probably a handful - okay a LARGE handful - of complete twats who don't want to do their job and make any process however simple, in this case filling out a form, SO FREAKIN' LONG.

On the upside thanks to someone particularly lovely I have been told that I was probably glowing that day.. Or he in his own words "must've looked very happy indeed, maybe she assumed it was good news...". This is nice.

Still want that little rat bag to suffer for the phone thing. Prick.


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