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Friday, 30 December 2011

And so it is.

My time at Lush is now over. I have in spite of what I may have stated earlier in the festive season - really enjoyed my Christmas holidays. I've met some really cool people. And some not so cool ones. Mostly young customers. Spawn of the devil to different degrees as I recall.

The top three include:
- the two kids who didn't know each other but decided in unison to refuse to let go of a bath bomb in the demo bowl and thus turning both of their hands blue, leaving me to scrub their hands for a half hour only to have the cheeky sod ask me for some moisturiser after.

- the aptly named "Cannibal Child" who just KEPT biting her dad's hand to the point she almost broke the skin. I mean first of all WHY IS YOUR CHILD DOING THAT? And secondly WHY ARE YOU NOT SAYING ANYTHING? Don't chuckle. Don't smile a painful smile and pretend there's nothing to be done. TELL HER OFF. The same kid also dipped her hand into a jug of bubbles and then wiped it all on some other poor unsuspecting shopper who I assume she thought was her mother. I'm only assuming this to give the brat SOME credit. To be honest it could be that she has no concept of boundaries.

- and last but not least my favourite-not-so-favourite little bastard child. So this family come in. Mum, dad, girl - maybe 12 or 13 and boy maybe 7 or 8. And we're looking at all the lovely fresh face masks (PLUG PLUG PLUG). Mum says to girl "You can get one if you want." but she storms off. I don't understand why. But when you read on you'll soon realise there's no real point in looking too much into anything this despicable little shit does. So a few minutes later the boy comes back and his eye is all red. I ask him if he's okay and he just looks down at the ground and says nothing. His dad walks in and announces to his wife that her daughter has just sprayed perfume in her brother's eye. THE WORST THING IS SHE DIDN'T SHOW ANY CARE. No angry protesting of her innocence, no offer of an excuse, not even any sort of guilt.

What is this? Why are kids allowed to act like this. I mean some of it is just kids being kids - making mistakes and messes. But some of it is just a dire need for some real discipline. I'm not saying hit them - but I'm telling you now if that little cannibal bitch bit me I'd smack her into next week - but seriously, TELL THEM OFF. FOR THE SAKE OF THE REST OF HUMANITY!

That is all.

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