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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Be beautiful.

I miss make up. I've stopped wearing anything - apart from lipstick- for the last two weeks and it's still driving me nuts. Why?

On the one hand I feel happy that I'm not in constant fear of looking like a transvestite or typical East London scum. I like not having to worry about cleaning it all off before I fall asleep - HAHA YEAH CAUSE I USED TO DO THAT... I like not getting judged on the train because of course that was indeed my prime location for application.

But despite being told I don't need the make up, I don't need the "gunk" and that I'm "beautiful" I don't feel it. I don't feel pretty without it. I feel insecure about my skin.

Is this because I've been more and more dependant on make up, predominantly foundation, for the past few years?

It's pay day and all I'm thinking is I want to shop for make up. Should I? Shouldn't I. This is driving me mad. And the worst thing is it's such a lame thing to get wound up over!

Okay now I think I'm some kinda spazz cause I can't even differentiate the pics of myself wearing make up and not wearing make up. Decide for yourselves. My conclusion. I'm a paranoid poo poo head.


Chi-Chi said...

i think that you're beautiful, with or without make-up x

Saalene said...

I don't feel beautiful without it. Which in turn makes me more sad.