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Saturday, 10 March 2012

What am I meant to do? When you have a problem with someone you tell them. Don't keep telling them. That's just nagging. But one thing that must be realise is that the repercussions of your admissions of complaint come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and may take on the form of those whom you least expect. You telling someone that you think they're wrong is the first problem. You're automatically a bit of a bitch. Because you've said it. You may not have said it behind their back. You may not have said it in a horrible way. You just automatically become the bitch. Even worse is when everyone else suddenly thinks the same. I mean what do you then? You are the enemy. What have you even done? You've done the one thing no one else would. I can't lie. When you lose a friend it's sad. When you lose a whole load in one go it really hurts. But what can I say? It doesn't kill you. Then there's trying to patch it up with a friend who isn't talking to you but is. Because you're not talking properly. I mean now you're just an idiot. You can ask if anythings up. And you'll get the standard answer... "No! Everything's fine!" and then still the awkwardness persists. But what can you do? If you keep asking you're just a tool. And if you don't well you just have to either deal with the fact that this person is no longer someone who wants to talk to you or just play along with the pretence. It's your preference. Not really. But let's pretend it is. Then there's the never ending bitch. This girl. I don't get it. I took everyone's advice. Be civil. Don't give her any ammunition. Just steer clear of her. So I did all of the above... And yet it was still the same situation one year on. Why? God knows. But over all of this I think to myself... "It was International Women's Day the other day... Why is it that women seem to be the biggest problem to women". So... if you're a lady and you're reading this.. be nice to your sisters. It's a bitch of a world out there. Do what you can to make it less so...

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