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Monday, 26 March 2012

Why are we all such WUSSES?!

I have just seen someone I went to uni with in Portsmouth. She told me how she's still traumatised by the events of one night out which was not particularly pleasant. But I don't understand. She wasn't the one who was getting verbally abused. She wasn't the one who had to deal with all the childish shit like prank calls - which said lady let slip she was fully aware of whilst ranting away. But I simply cannot fathom why this same person is claiming to be traumatised by these events. I was more effected yet she's the one who seems to be wallowing in it. I just wish people would let things go. Move on get on with it. Seeing people like that just drives me crazy. Don't get me wrong. Have a little bitch - 5, 10 minutes. Maybe half an hour depending on the number of participants and whether or not food and drink are involved. But that's it. It's out of your system and gone.

People shouldn't hold on to shit. Unless they're a toilet.

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