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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The passive aggressive tweet.

I've fallen into this trap. And I've changed my ways now. Mostly because when I spoke to a friend about this.

"I always take that stuff personally. Even if it probably nothing to do with me."

I found the biggest problem. And this problem is the kind of thing anyone could overlook. Which is why I believe it to be the biggest problem. It's deceptively troublesome.

When one types such a status, tweet or broadcast message (yeah I know about these, I was on BBM for a short while - never again though!) we always seem to focus only on
- the person at which this is aimed
- maybe including another friend or mutual enemy via the "inside joke"
- making it witty

For me you get more points for
- making your own rhyme
- using song lyrics
- metaphor
- (and by far my favourite) analogies.

But here lies the problem. You are so engrossed in this task that you forget these points.

A. There are a lot of OTHERS who are part of your social network.

B. These OTHERS are still people.

C. These people are by default CRAP. And more than likely to have done something similar to whatever you are complaining about OR they are guilty of the thing that you are complaining about. If it's a generic complaint - like I found in my case - it can be a problem more widespread than you think.

"Sisters before misters..."

My phrase of choice. A bad one? No. I don't think so.

I thought wrong.

This was applicable to a wide array of people at the time I posted this. However. I didn't realise this. It was a comment on a friend's dilemma, such a situation with someone who wasn't anyone of particular importance to me.

However. Someone whom I'd previously fallen out with - well not so much fell out as drifted apart - saw this and some others and thought that they were about her.

They weren't but I can see why she'd think that. But you know what I can't do anything about it now.

Apart from this. NO MORE PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE. I need to stop with this stupidness and I advise all others to do the same.


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