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Thursday, 31 May 2012

What's in a gift?

I've gotta admit. I used to think I was once the queen of presenting buying. I'm losing my touch now. But I guess that was inevitable what with growing up, working, essaying and all the other crap that steals time from my all time favourite thing to do... SHOPPING. If you are interested the things that come in second and third respectively are eating and acting like a bigger dickhead than Kanye West. I've been fortunate enough to get some really lovely gifts in the past. Including - a guitar - from a friend who turned up to a dance show and had this MASSIVE box with him. That shit craaaaaaay. But good cray. Obv. - a tv - from my friends at sixth form. I remember how one of my friends had actually walked in late cause of work and announced this was my surprise, and then demanded I act surprised - a surprise party, the first one I've ever had thrown for me. - my first iPod from my uncle - my beats from my boo - which wasn't even the best one cause my favourite gift from him is in fact a coffee that he got for me - a cook book - cause my friend works at a bookshop and knows I like to make a mess in the kitchen. These are a few and they are all lovely gifts, not this crap I've been hearing recently about "OMG HE GOT ME THE *insert a brand that seems to be in the trend at the moment* BLAH BLAH BLAH" I was gonna name a designer. But I don't plug unless I have. And have, I do not. The simple fact is that these aren't gift. It's a half arsed attempt at keeping you happy rather than making you happy. And trust me there is a big difference. But like I was saying I've seemed to have lost my touch. In the past few years there were only a few hit gifts I've got for people. Apart from that it's been... "Why didn't you get me next seasons?" or "This isn't the actual one I wanted" or "Oh... Yeah I'll wear it all the time promise"
Yeah fucking right. Argh I just want to punch people when they get like this. You people think I ACTUALLY want to spend my money on shit you don't like? Why can't you just be polite and appreciate the fucking effort that I've gone too? FUCK. Well for this reason I want to give up all reasons to give and / or recieve presents. You don't understand how it makes my blood boil. All the anger has come flooding back. And I want to go back and throw things at these people.

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