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Friday, 29 June 2012

I don't understand people.

Shit I've not understood this week.

My boyfriend is lovely but sometimes. I think. You know. He's just not that... Trendy..."

You best be hesitating bitch. How old are you? Who even says shit like that. She's sitting there complaining about how he's embarrassed to hang out in all these awful sounding places she proceeded to list that her friends "ALWAYS hang out at". You poor sap! I think she may have genuinely been a victim of peer pressure. Or her mother drank heavily throughout the pregnancy. Which has been claimed not to be as awful for babies as first thought. But if you'd seen this bitch blather on, you'd've thought otherwise.

Seemingly never ending Facebook wars.

For me personally I have no wars on the book of faces. I have had minor altercations on there or as a result of something on there. For example. Someone I used to be friends with refused to accept me as a friend, fortunately for her I'm not the kinda crazed bitch who'd pressure her into doing so. However there are other mutual friends we have who she has reporting back to her. Random shit. Like if I post something angry. It's some minor incident. It's not gonna be the death of me. Why so interested? You didn't wanna add me as a friend yet you know all about what's going on in my life.



This girl. I knew from a long time. She added me. She then added a friend of mine. Only to harass him. About the most raaaaaaandom shit. Apparently he slept with her flat mate. Who cares?! Who even thinks about that stuff now? But most of all why go to the trouble of confronting someone who hasn't actually done anything wrong to you. Someone who you barely know and barely knows you.

Well after that there was a spat. Ending in the termination of said cyberfriendship.


Fine. Seriously not a problem. If you're not meant to be friends, you're not. That's just how it is.

Why does she then message me, add me as a friend and poke me?

All in the space of half an hour?

I don't understaaaaaaaaaand.

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