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Thursday, 14 June 2012

R.I.P. to the girl you used to see her days are over.

Fuuuuuuuuuuck. I don't wanna hate on Rita Ora but I HAVE to hate on this song for one reason and one reason only. I've seen it quoted and posted and all of this is being done with the intention of girls screaming out to the social networking universe that she is gonna change her ways. No. NO. Stop it. You won't.

It's not just this song. It's all this crap about

- "living life."
- "living for yourself."
- "being happy"
- "being happy alone"


BLAH. It does my head in. It's not the blatant disregard for self respect and them constantly ending up in these situations. It's the joke of an attempt at changing your life by putting up a status.

I'm gonna say now. I am pretty sure I have never done this but as a discloser if I ever have I'm gonna say now I was probably on my period. You guys don't understand. I have poly cystic ovarian syndrome - which I like to believe sounds a lot more impressive and serious than it is. Sort of. It varies right. From the hormones fighting it out in your body and the effects that can have on all sorts of shit, to having to have an ovary removed cause one of the teeny tiny cysts getting brave and growing like the confidence of the aforementioned spastics when one of their horrendous statuses is liked by someone on the book of faces. That ovary removal thing didn't happen to me by the way.

Oh and also. A word of caution. Some of these PCOS bitches as I like to call them have a tendency to use this condition as an excuse for being shit at life. And I swear to goodness that this was actually something said by such a woman "It takes me longer to get ready cause of my poly cystic ovaries" - true story bro.

What a twat.

But back to the point. If you're feeling horrible about yourself don't listen to bad pop music. Bad pop music is only ever enjoyable when your happiness levels are above baseline.

I say above baseline. Some people are so ridiculously miserable that their baselines are way too low to ever appreciate bad pop. Or even good pop.

Having said all of this when these crazy bitches put these things up, other crazy guys and gals show them support. Are they all as bad as each other. Do they really believe reciting these lyrics and regurgitated proclamations will change them as a person.

It won't.

Real goals and real aspiration are achieved through real work.

Not this bullshit, wallowing in false lyrical confidence.

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Sabrina said...

girrrrl.. music is a personal journey, some people may relate that stuff you hate! I hear ya though!

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