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Monday, 10 December 2012

Barry M. Ultra Moisturising Lip Paint in Black Cherry

Black Cherry - also known as the blunt '160' - sounds ominous, but believe me when I say it's bark is worse than it's bite.

You look at the bullet and think "Oh gosh, it'll be the emo schoolgirl version of me, but this time oh so much more awkward."

But it's not. This really lovely moisturising lip tint - tint more than paint in my option anyway - does what it says on the tube. Lots of lovely colour and moisture. Perfect for winter.

Just a slick for a lovely tinge of red. More leads to making-a-statement maroon.

Just one qualm I had with this. I get really dry lips. Because of this I need to make sure I don't have any dry bits on my lips, usually with the aid of an old toothbrush. I mention this because experience has taught me these bolder colours DEMAND a blank canvas. Otherwise they bitch up in a way that can only be described as a shattered kisser. NOT COOL.

ANYWAY. Pictures.


Chi-Chi said...

that's a really nice colour; i know what you mean about the lips being a blank canvas.....a tootbrush is not just for teeth!

Saalene said...

Chi Chi! I'm glad you like. Girls of a darker skin tone have more trouble with shades such as this one. The end results vary so much!

Saalene said...

I really wanna try the others out too! Haha. Any excuse eh?

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