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Monday, 17 December 2012

Honey & Co. And my first food post. Yum.

Now I warn you all this is my first ever restaurant review. So bear with me and ask me any questions if I've missed out any vital points. Also all the photography is done by me. So if you like it say so. If not, LEAVE IT.... yeah?

Anyway in the immortal words of Kel, (who is alive and well I hear after that awful rumour) "Awwwwh, here it goes"

Honey & Co is tucked away behind Warren St tube. This middle eastern delight is a cosy, warm and friendly place to hang out share some mezze - or not, some bitches don't like to share. But I do. And that's what we did. We got the mixed mezze, around a fiver. And how lovely it was, there were bits served up neither of us had tried before including what tasted like an exotic cheese straw and our favourite was this nommable cheese dip with garlic and coriander which you could probably eat a kilo of and then want to be disappointed in yourself for doing so, but really not care because it was THAT GOOD.

Almost everything on the menu has a twist, familiar favourites become unfamiliar but not in the scary way some of these new and interesting places take their food, but in a opening of your mind and tastebuds to the wonders of moving outside of the comfortable expectations you have with middle eastern cuisine. The lamb shawarma is a shining example of this. 

The meat was obvious slow cooked and as a result was succulent, juicy and falling apart. It's 

juices formed a sort of gravy, soaked up by the (HOME MADE MAY WE ADD - well the waitress did) flatbread.

Finally the deconstructed cheesecake. Deconstructed is such a difficult and tedious word and usually followed by the expectation of having some would be arty farty Masterchef wannabe - we'd like to point out at this point, something resembling an egg and a few sprinkles of freeze dried bacon does NOT constitute a fry up! However this was just as delicious had lost none of it's sex appeal in it's journey into abstraction. 

After the place had emptied out somewhat after the busy busy lunchtime rush - it's clear word has spread about this place - we got chatting away with the waitresses who are not only lovely to talk to about anything including their own foodie ways - on in particular who had family links to the wine trade and was on her way to setting up her own street food outlet. Overall a lovely atmosphere - truly that because for me that's the thing I love about eating out, the experience of it all, in all honesty I think my partner in crime is the real food and I'm just a picky little sod.  


Shaq said...

have to try this place xx

Saalene said...

Please do. Such a lovely little spot, filled with lovely people and lovely food.

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